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Olam International Olam International is a leading global integrated supply chain manager and processor of agricultural products and food ingredients, sourcing 20 products with a direct presence in 70 countries and supplying them to over 16,300 customers. Headquartered in Singapore and listed on the SGX-ST on February 11, 2005, Olam currently ranks among the top 40 largest listed companies in Singapore in terms of market capitalization and is a component stock in the Straits Times Index (STI), MSCI Singapore Free, S&P Agribusiness Index and the DAX global Agribusiness Index. More formation on Olam can be found at Olam Vietnam Olam commenced operations in Vietnam in 1999, setting up our first coffee factory in the Daknong Province. Since then, we have established an extensive presence across different parts of Vietnam, including our head office in Ho Chi Minh City and regional offices in the Long An, Dong Nai, Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Gia Lai, Phu Yen and Binh Dinh Provinces, and expanded our operations in other South East Asia countries. Today, Olam is the largest exporter of cashews, pepper and instant coffee in Vietnam, investing US$150 million in a state of-the-art instant coffee facility and running seven large factories with 7,500 employees across 24 locations in Central and South Vietnam. We are also the third largest exporter of green coffee and a large buyer of Vietnamese rice. Olam currently supplies cotton, wood products, dairy products and wheat into Vietnam. At Olam we are committed to responsible growth. We ensure profitable growth is achieved in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. Only by ensuring this is an integral part of our business model can we deliver long-term value for all stakeholders. Olam is revolutionizing seed to shelf supply chains through the Olam Sustainability Standard. Each step of Olam’s value chain is being examined to identify and implement measures to sustainably deliver products across all of its geographies by 2020.

Human Capital: Core of our Business

We aim to create an inspired organization, capable of delivering our ambitious plans, where each one of us treats the company as if it were our own. We design work for each of our employees to contribute meaningfully and empower individuals with the freedom and autonomy. Our integrated talent management approach strengthens the learning opportunities and work environment to grow beyond boundaries and deliver to potential. The sharp focus on developing talent and building an inspired organization along with evolved people processes has been reflected in the multiple employer awards we have won over the years. In 2020, Olam has been recognized as Best Employers for the APAC region by Kincentric. In 2020 & 2019, Olam Vietnam has been recognised as AON Kincentric Best Employer for Vietnam. The Kincentric platform is considered as a gold standard amongst the global employer awards platforms. For three consecutive years 2020, 2019 & 2018, Olam Vietnam has been recognized for its strong workplace culture and employee engagement and being named as among Vietnam’s Best Companies to Work for in Asia by the HR Asia Magazine. In addition in 2017, Olam Vietnam was awarded as the Industry Pioneer in the Vietnam HR Awards 2017. Olam Vietnam is also an ACCA Approved Employer 2020.

Nơi làm việc:  Paksong, Champasak, Lào

Số lượng cần tuyển: 04

 Báo Cáo:  Quản lý Địa sản và Giám đốc Đồn điền 

 Miêu tả công việc:
  • Hỗ trợ cấp trên sắp xếp kế hoạch và phân công công việc.
  • Thực hiện đúng thời gian tất cả các nhiệm vụ theo kế hoạch.
  • Hướng dẫn thực thi các phương pháp nông nghiệp tốt.
  • Đào tạo và kiểm tra các giám sát cánh đồn điền.
  • Đảm bảo các báo cáo về nhân lực và nguyên liệu.
  • Quản lý đội xe.
  • Giải quyết các vấn đề về nhân sự.

Yêu cầu công việc:

  • Tốt nghiệp cao đẳng các ngành Nông Nghiệp/Lâm Nghiệp/Trồng Trọt/Nông Học... hoặc ứng viên có tham gia các khóa đào tạo ngắn hạn về nông nghiệp.
  • Có khả năng giao tiếp tiếng Anh.
  • Có kỹ năng vi tính văn phòng tốt.
  • Ưu tiên ứng viên có kinh nghiệm làm nông nghiệp, trồng trọt...
  • Hòa đồng, có khả năng làm việc nhóm tốt.
  • Thật thà, tận tâm, không ngại khó trong công việc.
  • Đồng ý ở tại đồn điền của công ty.
  • Có thể linh hoạt trong công việc và thời gian làm việc dựa theo tính mùa vụ của ngành nông nghiệp (ví dụ: khi vào mùa thu hoạch)
  • Hiểu được môi trường làm việc của ngành nông nghiệp.
Thời hạn ứng tuyển:10/07/2021
Nếu bạn quan tâm và đủ điều kiện ứng tuyển với các yêu cầu trên, vui long liên hệ phòng nhân sự của Olam theo thông tin bên dưới:
Thông tin liên lạc:
·         Mr. Sơn Phạm – (+84) 0937 354 087 | Ms. Linh Phạm – (+84) 0909 16 3478
·         Email:        |
·         Địa chỉ: Tầng 10, Tòa nhà AB, 76 Lê Lai, Phường Bến Thành, Quận 1, TP. HCM, Việt Nam.
Xin lưu ý rằng chỉ những ứng viên đạt yêu cầu mới được liên hệ phỏng vấn.


Working place:  Paksong, Champasak province, LAOS PDR

Number of vacancy:  04
Report to: Estate Managers and Plantation Director
Main responsibilities:
  • Assist the Estate Manager in work planning and organizing work force.
  • Time bound implementation of all planned activities.
  • Introduce Good Agricultural Practices.
  • Training/Monitoring of Field Supervisors.
  • Maintain all field records for Labour and Material. 
  • Fleet management.
  • Tackle local labour related issues.
Job Requirements:


  •  College degree or above in Agriculture/Plantation/Crops/Agronomy preferred or candidates who took short-term on-the-job training/class in Agriculture.
  •  Good English is must requirement.
  •  Good at Excel, Words, PowerPoint and other office computer skills.
  •  Preference will be given to candidates with related experience.
  •  Teamwork player must be able to work with diverse team members across locations.
  •  Honest, dedicated, hard-working, can-do attitude.
  •  Must be willing to stay on the plantation.
  •  Variations in workloads relate to seasonal demands – some unsociable hours may be necessary during busy periods (eg during harvesting) and managers will be expected to deal with emergencies.
  •  Understand the working environment in Agriculture Field.
  •  Will need to learn basic Lao language.
Deadline to apply:10/07/2021
If you are interested in and qualified with the above requirements, please send your application form to Olam Talent Acquisition team with the information below:
Contact information:
·         Mr. Son Pham – (+84) 0937 354 087 | Ms. Linh Phạm – (+84) 0909 16 3478
·         Email:       |
·         Address: Unit 01, 10th Floor, AB Tower, 76 Le Lai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Please note that only qualified candidates will be contactedfor interview.

Thank you for your attention.


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